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Project Management Software

FastTrack Schedule 7.0
AEC Software
Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / NT / Me / 2000
Media: CD-ROM

Product Description
FastTrack Schedule 7.0 for Windows helps you organize your tasks, deadlines, budgets, & personnel. Richly informative & colorful schedules clearly communicate the status & goal of each project to both your colleagues & clients. Information can be displayed as a schedule, calendar, or resource graph that tracks the people, equipment, & materials that are necessary for each project.

In Schedule View, you can display project plans in hourly to yearly schedules, & summarize cash flows. Schedules also can be enhanced with legends, logos, text blocks, & graphics.

Resource View allows you to manage the costs, rates, & work schedules of employees & equipment with clear & concise histograms. Display percent usage, time usage, & activity bars for each resource's workload. Resource View also makes it easy to identify areas of overallocation, & to account for variable work shifts.

Calendar View is designed to communicate project schedules to colleagues & clients in a standard, easy-to-read calendar format. Use filters to create assignment calendars for each team member, & double-click on bars to enter or edit activity information directly from Calendar View.

- Organize schedules & projects with clear, bold graphics
- Display information as a calendar, timeline, or graph
- Track your material, personnel, & financial resource needs
- Clearly communicate the goal & status of each project to colleagues & clients
- More than 40 templates & examples

System requirements
- 386 DX or faster processor
- Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, or NT 4.0
- 4 MB RAM
- 30 MB hard disk space
- CD-ROM drive

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FastTrack Schedule 7.0
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Media: CD-ROM

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